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Model 3020 garage door opener by Genie provides durable, reliable performance.

Genie Opener: Model 3020
ReliaG® Pro Series

Model 3020

The Model 3020 provides durable, reliable performance. Make it even better by choosing the optional battery backup for added peace of mind.

California BBU Disclaimer

Battery Backup included for added convenience and peace of mind.
(Model 3020H-B)
CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: In accordance with California State Law SB-969, all installed garage door openers in the state must have battery backup as of July 1, 2019. Click Here to learn more.

Belt or Chain Drive

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** Limited, non-transferable warranty. See Programming, Operation & Maintenance manual for limitations and details.

† Maximum opening speed +/- 0.5 in/sec.

Support: MODEL 3020

Programming, Operation & Maintenance Manual
Information Sheet
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