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Genie Battery Backup Solutions — When the power goes out, Genie power goes on!

Genie Battery Backup Unit

Genie Battery Backup Solutions

When the power goes out, Genie power goes on!

What used to be considered a luxury is now an affordable convenience offered to everyone thanks to Genie’s battery backup solutions. Getting in and out of the garage during a power outage has never been easier when your Genie battery backup kicks in. Make the right choice for peace-of-mind and security with a garage door opener battery backup.

California BBU Disclaimer

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS – In accordance with California State Law SB-969, all installed garage door openers in the state must have battery backup as of July 1, 2019. Click here for FAQs.

Genie offers a complete line of garage door openers that meet this requirement:

Battery Backup included:

Professional Models (Dealer Installed):
Model 4164H-B, Model 4064H-B, Model 3064H-B, Model 4124H-B, Model 4024H-B, Model 3024H-B, Model 3020H-B, Model 3120H-B, Model 2128B, Model 1128B, Model 2028B, Model 1028B
DIY / Retail Models:
Stealth Drive 750 Model 7055, Chain Drive 750 Model 7035

Battery Backup available as an add-on:

Professional Models (Dealer Installed):
Model 4164, Model 4124, Model 3120, Model 4064, Model 3064, Model 4024, Model 3024
DIY / Retail Models:
MachForce™ Model 4062 & MachForce™ Connect Model 4063, SilentMax™ 1200 Model 4042, SilentMax™ 1000 Model 3042,
ChainMax™ 1000 Model 3022


Read our blog post “Battery Backup Systems For Your Garage Door Opener” to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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* See Programming, Operation & Maintenance Manual for details.