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G-TV Video Contest

'Open Sesame'

Contest Winner

Genie Video Contest: WINNER!

YouTube 0:53 | 'Open Sesame' WINNER

1-2-3 Open Sesame!

Congratulations to Peter Sullivan and his amazing helpers, as they came away with the $5,000 first prize, plus a new Genie garage door opener by winning our first ever "Open Sesame" Video Contest!

We’d like to also thank and congratulate our top four finalists. Watch their video entries below.


Genie Video Contest: The Great Golf Bag Heist

YouTube 0:53 | 'Open Sesame' Finalist

The great golf bag heist

'Open Sesame' Video Contest finalist (Walt Arnett)

Genie Video Contest: Genie Conquers All

YouTube 0:45 | 'Open Sesame' Finalist


Genie conquers all

'Open Sesame' Video Contest finalist (Mupholz)

Genie Video Contest: Raging Genie

YouTube 1:25 | 'Open Sesame' Finalist


Raging Genie

'Open Sesame' Video Contest finalist (DeAldrick Long)

Genie Video Contest: 911-GENIE

YouTube 1:02 | 'Open Sesame' Finalist


'Open Sesame' Video Contest finalist (Lydia Ekeroth)

Best of the Rest

Genie Video Contest: Lost Canine Genie Alert

YouTube 1:19 | 'Open Sesame'

Lost canine - GenieAlert!

'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Noemi Trevino)

Genie Video Contest: The Genie Variety Show

YouTube 0:51 | 'Open Sesame'

The Genie Variety Show

'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Joel Levinson)

Genie Video Contest: Arnie the Ant

YouTube 1:12 | 'Open Sesame'

Saved by the grace of Genie!

'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Dan Bakst)

Genie Video Contest: The Perfect Garage

YouTube 1:26 | 'Open Sesame'

Wish granted… and granted… and granted…

'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Matthew Cataldo)

Genie Video Contest: We Have To Get The Genie

YouTube 1:31 | 'Open Sesame'

If I had Genie, life would be so easy!

'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Eric Kilpatrick)

Genie Video Contest: Peek-A-Genie!

YouTube 1:00 | 'Open Sesame'


'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Bryant Welch)

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